Akshata Iyengar is based in India.

A beginner writer and a co-author of an anthology book – Aroma of Notion – 1.

Always a student. Just moving forward.

Posts of Interest


Didn’t know what was I thinking while I drew this.

Painting is cathartic.

Not a professional painter but it just helps me calm down my inner monologue.

B&W Photography

This passion came out of nowhere seriously.

Went for a walk with my friend and I started clicking pictures randomly. It turned out to look beautiful. How lovely is this. My friend motivated me to share this art with people and I created a page on instagram @melanchromo

Writing / Poetry

My love for writing is just indescribable.

Never thought I could ever describe my thoughts in words. There was a time when I couldn’t share my deepest feelings with anyone and I was practising for my exams, I just wrote whatever came to my mind in rhymes and voila! It became a poem. Here’s what I had written.